Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Many Things to Say to Come Up With a Clever, Witty Title :)

I did not get the chance to post yesterday because it was such a busy day...met an old friend from High School at 10am at the mall. Hubby started my van for me then left for work - good thing I went out to put some stuff in it because it was locked! and running! and my cell phone was inside! and I had no idea what Hubby's work cell # was! I did get hold of him before he was too far away and he came back to unlock it....on the top of my list for this week is to get another key made to keep in the house should this happen again. I could only think "What if I had done this when he was working in Mass. or something? hours away, instead of only minutes?"

We did make it to the mall in time though and had a wonderful visit with Ro and her boys, playing on the indoor playground and then having lunch and walking around the mall. I was a little concerned because I had not seen Ro in YEARS and the last time I did see her was at a wedding and we didn't really talk, but we fell into conversation like no time had passed and it was wonderful to immediately be comfortable with someone. Can't wait to do it again! Maybe next time I'll actually remember my camera (definitely have to get better at that if I'm going to continue this BLOG thing). Then we had to stop at the grocery store for all the things I forgot on Saturday AND a stop at the post office to mail that package to my heartbroken friend...Whew! Got home around 3 and then it was nap time, and dinnertime, and bedtime, and American Idol time :)

Today is a BIG day at our house. Isabella is preparing for her first night away from home without Mommy and Daddy...that's right, a SLEEPOVER! It's just at Auntie D's house but, still, it totally counts and it will give us a night away from her, only the 2nd one since she was born. The first night we spent away from her she was only a few months old and she stayed with Nannie and that one does not count! Auntie D knows that the past few weeks have been rough around here with the sickness and the introduction of demon child. So, we will be cleaning up outside from the sleet and rain we got overnight, then packing her things and getting ready for Auntie D to come get her. Hubby and I will be enjoying a night on our own, probably watch a movie (without interruptions!) and have a little wine....act like a couple instead of parents for a while!

We're still having issues with Iz being miserable and everything being a battle but I've been doing a lot of reading and will be trying to implement some strategies to avoid all the little battles we are having on a daily basis. For an example, Iz woke me up in the middle of the night claiming that she did not want to sleep. I stayed very calm and told her she did not have to sleep, she could stay awake in her bed, without any toys, that she could look at a book but she had to be quiet because it was the middle of the night and other people were sleeping. She cried for a second and then said "but, if I'm sleepy I can lay down and go to sleep"...and that's just what she did :) The same thing at bedtime - she did not want to go to bed so I just gave her the option of doing it the easy way where I tuck her in and kiss her and she gets to look at books or I could start yelling and screaming and she could go to bed crying and all upset...of course, she chose the easy way. I think I need to approach more issues like that...laying out options in a way that the right one is also the most appealing.



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