Monday, March 16, 2009


First things first...
to my stepson J!

Miss you! Love you! Hope you can come visit soon!
Have a fun day!

The weekend was...BUSY! But very nice. It actually started on Friday when Iz and I went over to visit Dan & Shan and the kiddos - had not seen them in a LONG time and had a nice morning chatting and catching up.

Friday night we stayed in and, after battling with Iz at bedtime, Hubby and I hit the sack early which was GREAT! We get into this habit of being up until 10, 10:30, 11......ugh! It just catches up with us after a while and a night comes along that we're in bed and sleeping by 9:30 and Friday was one of those nights!

Saturday was a visit from my in-laws (who brought me shrimp and scallops....YUM!). They were her for lunch and a nice visit. Hubby and I decided to stay in again on Saturday night even though we were invited to a friend's house for game night. It's best to keep Iz at home at bedtime for a while...she's been having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night (we got rid of her bottle a few weeks ago and she is relearning how to fall asleep) and she seems to have given up napping, plus, all of a sudden, she has been wetting her pants....several times a day....with no regret/remorse/apology. So, we stayed in Saturday night, got Iz to bed and then Hubby & I got a pay-per-view movie, Zack & Miri...VERY raunchy, but FUNNY! Then hit the hay.

Sunday was all about me - I love days like that! - I went off in the afternoon to go see West Side Story preformed at GHS, a local high school. It was phenomenal! I couldn't believe how good it was considering it was put on by teenagers. I really enjoyed it and got to see my high school chorus director since he now teaches at GHS...he encouraged me to come back for a chorus concert they are having next month and I probably will, and bring Iz since she loves music so much.

Oh, we did let Iz play in the mud a little bit too :)

And, now it's Monday. Some people hate Mondays...not me...I LOVE MONDAYS! Why? Because Monday represents the beginning of a new week, a new to-do list and getting back to a routine. Now, don't get me wrong - I love the weekends too. Hubby is home from work and we do a lot of relaxing and hanging out as a family. I also tend to get a couple hours out of the house on my own during the weekend, which keeps me sane, but I love getting back into the week. Sunday night I make my list...the things I want to accomplish in the coming week, the meals we will have every night and any plans we have. I don't always get everything done, the meals sometimes change, and so do plans but I make the list and feel such a sense of accomplishment every time I cross something off. I am a compulsive list maker and my "Weekly List" keeps me motivated and keeps me busy (like Iz doesn't do that all on her own!).

Enough is enough - time to get the week started!



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