Friday, March 6, 2009

How Was I Supposed to Know?

Last night was awful! Neither Iz nor I got any decent sleep to speak of although I did finally figure out that she is having night terrors; whether it's because she is sick or not will wait to be seen. I did read up on it and discover that we have been treating them entirely wrong but now that we know we will do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, what needs to be done is that when she has a night terror we just need to let her cry it out and wait for her to go back to sleep.

That will be difficult.

I ended up sleeping with her...or should I say, I ended up tossing and turning in the same bed that Iz was tossing and turning in. So, Hubby encouraged me today to call the doctor to see if I could bring Iz in to find out what was going on with her. I was able to bring her in right away and what I found out was alarming, interesting and a relief all at the same time.

Here it is:

Iz's left ear is very infected and her right ear is starting to get red...on it's way to a full-blown infection. She also has some fluid build-up in her lungs which could potentially lead to pneumonia (although the doctor did reassure me that the chance of that is VERY slim - thank goodness!). So, she has been put on a 10-day antibiotic and we have a follow-up appointment on the 16th to re-check her ears and lungs.What a relief it was to find out that there is a reason why Iz has been miserable. The doctor was pretty amazed that she had not shown any indication of her ear hurting and, because she has never had an ear infection, I had no clue either. I feel so bad about all the yelling and frustration and lack of sympathy that has been going on in this house but now I know better. I have learned my lesson and know that calling the doctor is OK - it doesn't make you a bad parent, or an over-protective makes you a loving parent, a responsible parent, a selfless parent. I wish I had called days ago instead of "waiting it out." But, how was I supposed to know?

Hoping that things look up over the weekend...



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