Sunday, March 22, 2009

By Gosh! I Think I've Done It!

Well, here it is....the post I started trying to write 5 days ago! It probably won't live up to any one's expectations but it's taken days and days and days to write so humor me and tell me that it's deep and moving and inspirational and blah, blah, blah :)

Issue #1...Exercise.

I was doing great! Working out almost every day, replacing my normal grazing in the afternoons with a salad and a yogurt, limiting my portions at dinnertime and being very careful about my snacking at night; the result...I lost 10 pounds, had a TON of energy, was sleeping well, and feeling really good in my body AND in my head. Then, the ball dropped... Iz and I were sick for almost 2 weeks. I could barely make a piece of toast, never mind getting on my bike or getting "shredded" with Jillian. Now it's been 2 weeks that we've been healthy and I have worked out exactly ZERO times....zilch, nada, none. Every day I think to myself, "This is the day I get back on track. This is the day I take back control. This is the day I start, fresh and ready to conquer all the issues I have, inside and out." and every day I find myself exhausted, making excuses and ending the day having not accomplished a single thing. So here we are, Sunday afternoon and looking over the edge into a new week. Will this be it? Will this be the week that I succeed? Will tomorrow be the day that I break the cycle? ....I hope so...I really do.

Issue #2 N/A

I know that the other day I had 2 life-altering issues...well, #2 resolved itself and will not be discussed today or any other lips are sealed...sorry :(



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