Monday, September 20, 2010


Ah, the story of least it has a happy ending :)

It all started so well. L&R came down Friday night and L and I were up and ready on time Saturday morning and headed out to pick up Auntie D, L (of SnL), WW & VG. We all piled in my van, swung thru DD for coffee and hit the road.

Twenty minutes later my van crapped out :( Just died.* It was a flurry of cell phones as I called Hubby, Auntie D called S to bring us a new vehicle and then AAA to tow the van.

Luckily, WW's van was available and running so, when it arrived, we transferred our stuff, piled in and hit the road...again.

We made it to the city with time to find the venue, and grab lunch.


Auntie D & L

Me and L :)

The Boston Opera House...GORGEOUS inside and out!!!
The show was amazing (naturally!) though the seats weren't as good as they were back in January. It ended up being a great day out with the girls!!!

*Found out today the van IS fixable...for a few hundred bucks....ugh!



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