Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A hectic, stress-filled morning. Not nearly enough coffee in my system. Running late. Iz crying when I dropped her off. ME crying when I dropped her off. Spending the entire time she's there being completely lazy and unproductive. An equally stressful pick up time with lots more crying, bad reports from the teachers and walking out the door with our heads hung in shame/exhaustion/disappointment.

That's how I dreamed the first day of school would go...

Here's what really happened.

Iz got up at 7am (early for her) and announced "Today's my first day of school!" Then she immediately grabbed her checklist and started working her way through it WITHOUT BEING ASKED! By 7:30 she was 100% ready for school and posing for pictures (see yesterday's post). She was able to relax for a little while, watch a little PBS and then we were off.

We arrived at school, walked in and Iz was all smiles. She put on her slippers (no shoes in class!), hung up her backpack, lined her shoes up underneath and was off like a flash! Her teachers, Mrs. S and Mrs. W were wonderfully greeting everyone and showing them what to do, where to go and what was coming up in the day that I actually had to pull her away for a quick hug good-bye! No tears for either of us! I was impressed with myself :)

I spent the 2-1/2 hours she was at school taking a walk, knitting and listening to a book on cd (a FINE way to spend a couple hours, BTW!).

Pick up was just as easy. When I walked in all the kids were lined up in a row of chairs, ready to go. Mrs. S told me I was a "Big Cat" and had to find my "Little Mouse." Seriously cute! Iz skipped to the van and exclaimed "My first day of school was a BLAST!"

She talked about it all night. Talked about how her job for the day was to ring the bell, and that she can't wait until it's her job to feed Bubbles, the fish. Showed off the 2 art projects she did, showed us the pencil and special treat her teacher sent home with her and kept remembering more and more of what happened during the day.

We had a special dinner of chicken, mac'n'cheese and fresh green beans followed by an outside tubby and gold cake with chocolate frosting. An absolutely amazing day!

Today's agenda? Ballet!!!



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