Friday, September 24, 2010

Just to Remind You...

Please take note that I've replaced the countdown to Wicked ticker from the bottom of the blog and replaced it with a countdown to *gulp* Christmas ticker. I did this because I was brutally reminded last Friday that the holiday season is fast approaching when I checked my email and saw a "100 Days of Holidays" message. What?!? One hundred days???? This is something I signed up for a few years ago through Better Homes and Gardens and they're great daily emails from September right through New Year's with all sorts of recipes, crafts, decorating tips and more! Go HERE if you want to sign up :) However, the announcement that the emails would begin soon was quite the shock to my system....less than 100 days 'til Christmas? That certainly puts things in perspective. I need to get myself in gear. As of today, Halloween (my FAVE!) is only 37 days away, Thanksgiving is 62 days away and Christmas is 92 days away. Yipe! Gotta go! :)

Have a great weekend!!!



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