Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday - Old E-Mail

Lately I've been feeling a little nostalgic and I'm a bit of an e-mail "pack rat" so it's been easy for me to look back at some of the lovey dovey e-mails Hubby and I have sent to each other over the years. This is one thing he wrote to me back in June 2007 that I rediscovered the other day. I've since made it the background on my desktop and just keep reading and rereading and rereading. It's so touching, and sweet, and seeing those words from him make me realize I still feel the same way after all this time :)

"I can honestly say that no one has touched my heart the way that you have. I have never wanted to be with anyone else the way I want to be with you. When I wake up in the morning there is a certain wonderful feeling that I have inside that no matter how good or bad a day I have there is someone who truely loves me with me. I really feel that way all the time. You make me feel that way ...all the time. That's part of the unconditional love aspect I believe."

Let's all say it together..."Awwwwwwww!"



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