Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short but Sweet

Sorry the last few posts have seemed harried and unorganized but, well, that's what they are...because that's what I am. Since my last "real" post on August 23rd I feel like I have just been straight out. I finally took a little time the other day to edit, organize and upload pictures but by the time that was all done I didn't have it in me to type much about what we did.

Today is Iz's open house at school. Her first official day is Monday. FIVE days away! I'm freaking out...excited but seriously freaking out. So, if the next few posts seem distant then that's why - my mind is on Monday and nothing but Monday. After we get past the first day hurdle I'll try to go back and fill in the blanks....until then, I'm keeping things short and sweet :)



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