Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy Weekend!

So, as of last Friday the 15th, I am a year older.....but I'm okay with that!

Went to a GREAT seafood place with my sisters, nephew and, of course, Iz :)

Self Portrait!
(now, I got a new haircut a couple weeks ago that I LOVE but you can't tell in this pic...
bad hair day! I'll have to try and capture the new "do" on film!)

We shared a seafood platter...clams, scallops, shrimp & haddock...YUM!

The pictures came out horrible because of bad lighting and everyone busy stuffing their face :) but I'm posting them anyway!

Then Hubby came home with chocolate cake and ice day was complete :)

Saturday morning Iz and I went to the local library for the medieval "Mini-Fair" they were having to kick off the summer reading program.

Saturday afternoon involved a trip to Home Depot to buy blocks to build my new garden :) and more lumber for the new chicken coop.

Sunday was all outside work (while getting eaten alive by the bugs) my garden built, though I have not transferred my seedlings yet - when I do, I'll post pics :)...and Hubby got most of the new coop built.

Hubby's taking tomorrow and Friday as vacation days so he will be home the next 5 days but we'll be busy...22 new baby chickens coming Friday! We're pretty excited about that! A cookout at Auntie D's Sunday :)

We're off to story time at the library and a bike ride at Auntie D's house!

Happy Wednesday all!



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