Thursday, May 28, 2009

Better Late Then Never...

Memorial Day Weekend...
Hubby took Thursday, & Friday off....Thursday was a quick shopping trip and then preparations for our new "babies"....

Yep - 22 baby day-old chicks...10 "meat birds" (let's not think too hard about that while they're so cute), 6 "Buff Orpingtons" and 6 "Black Rocks" (which are the cutest...they look like little penguins!)

Saturday I went yard-saling and found NOTHING...but got some much-needed alone time :)

Sunday Iz & I went to Auntie D's for a cookout (Hubby's back hurt so bad he couldn't even get out of bed) pics except these of Iz & S looking for critters. They found a couple millipedes and some slugs and ants but nothing too exciting.

Then Monday Auntie D found this big guy under her snowmobile trailer...awww, where was he hiding Sunday when we were there???

Monday we stayed home - whew! - and this week has been busy...but I won't update that until many many days from now...wouldn't want to improve on my brilliant procrastination technique, you know!

Been raining for 2 days now, UGH! sooooooo I'm to a SnB at K's (that's Stitch n Bitch for you non-knitters)



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