Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bobcats, Turtles and Bears....Oh My!

So Iz & I met Mel & the boys at the Maine Wildlife Park yesterday...
Here's what we saw


Perfect photo op

Red Fox

Black Bear & Brown Bear

a VERY friendly woodchuck (or groundhog...whatever)
He kept popping up and running over to the side of the enclosure where we were and "checking us out"
So cute!

Albino Porcupine

Another photo op :)

Peacock....strutting his stuff!

Mel's boys peering into the fish hatchery
and, yes, this is the ONLY picture I have of them!
and yes, I KNOW you cannot see their faces...
they're cute - you'll just have to trust me on that!

The Turtles...all lined up....this was one of our favorites!

My favorite picture of the day...Jack & Iz
They spent most of the day holding hands :)
but I didn't catch it on film :(
We had a GREAT* time...perfect weather, great kids, cool animals!

*We did have a minor incident when Iz scraped her elbow but she got a big bandage and a Dora bandaid and all was well with the world.

One last thing....tomorrow's my birthday!!!



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