Friday, January 20, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Big Reveal

So, I found out the other day that a friend of mine is expecting (more details on that later - for now I need to keep it on the downlow....I'm one of a handful of people that know) and it got me thinking about when I was pregnant with IzzyB. I wanted to share this story with you...

Hubby and I got married in April 2005. We did not have a traditional wedding - we got married in Vegas in April with plans to celebrate with our families later in the year. Why? Well, we originally had a wedding date set for September 17, 2005. We rented a hall and started looking at caterers and bridesmaid dresses and flowers and djs and we just decided that we didn't want to do it that way. We just wanted to BE MARRIED.  Skip the planning and the fuss and just do it! So we decided to go to Vegas for a few days, get married and then keep the hall rental in September and throw a big party to celebrate with our friends and family. Non-traditional? Yes. Perfect? Yes :) Anyhoo...

A mere 3 weeks (!) after the wedding I found out I was pregnant. Yep - what happened in Vegas did NOT stay in Vegas :)

That means that by the time our "reception" rolled around that fall I was 5 months pregnant. We had a pig roast, rented a karaoke machine and celebrated with everyone by eating and singing and being silly.

We had gone to the doctor about 2 weeks before and had an ultrasound. They gave us the opportunity to find out the sex of the baby but we had other plans. We had been talking all summer about whether or not we wanted to find out. We wanted to know but we wanted to be surprised at the same time. Believe it or not we were able to accomplish both! This is what we did:

When we went to the ultrasound appointment we brought three things with us - a small box, a "baby boy" bib and a "baby girl" bib. We gave all 3 to the technician and told her to find out the sex of the baby but to NOT tell US! Take the bibs and the box into another room, put the right one in the box and do whatever with the leftover bib. We took the box home and immediately wrapped it in pretty paper (to discourage peaking) and then brought it to our reception and put it in the basket that we had to collect cards and small gifts :) You've probably figured it out already but we opened the gift at our reception. Surrounded by family and friends we thanked everyone for coming and then told them about our appointment. I opened the present, pulled out the bib, screamed "It's a GIRL!" and everyone burst into applause! It was amazing!

It was so nice to find out about our princess with everyone around. Even if we weren't having a big party with everyone I think I still would have done something similar. Finding out in the office wouldn't have changed the outcome - we would still have been having a girl and still be thrilled about it. But I think finding out away from all that, surrounded by special people and being able to share the surprise was the best!

PS That was my favorite maternity shirt and I wore it CONSTANTLY even through the colder months with a long sleeved shirt underneath...I'm pretty sure I still have it so I'm thinking I might have to dig it out for my buddy :)


Anonymous said...

That is SUCH an awesome story!


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