Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Party

We had the family over (minus Auntie D's gang - they weer sick) to celebrate Iz's bday a couple weekends ago. There was lots of laughs, yummy food, even yummier CAKES and tons of fun with family. Though, I have to admit, it just wasn't the same without Auntie D :)


It was like Christmas all over again!

All done unwrapping gifts....surveying the carnage :)

Time for cake and ice cream!!!

IzzyBs cake - 
lemon with blueberry filling and blueberry cream on top PLUS sugared blueberries. SO SO SO yummy!!!

Hubby's cake - 
Carrot...always carrot :)

Blowing out candles!

Not the greatest picture of Mimi but she WAS cramming cake into her face so I did the best I could :)

We had fun! So glad that it wasn't a blizzard so Grammy and Bumpy and Auntie R could make the long drive down too!!!



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