Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6 Years

Dear IzzyB,

6 years old.


The past year has just flown by but it was sure a fun one :) Between preschool and dance we kept busy through the winter and spring and then we started the summer off by making a fun list which kept us busy until school started.

School. You're doing so well. Mrs. C couldn't come up with anything negative to say about you at the parent-teacher conference in November. You love school. You get upset when there's a snow day or you have to leave early/arrive late because of an appointment. Once we thought there would be a snow day and when you found out there WAS going to be school you yelled out "HURRAY!" I want your love of learning to never fade.

I've noticed that since you started school there's been a lot less blog entries and pictures. Part of the reason is because we just don't spend as much time together as we used to. You spend more time at school than you do with me :( That's been a bigger adjustment for me than I ever imagined. It's nice to be able to run errands and do all the boring stuff without you but on days when I stay home while you're at school I find myself missing you and wishing you were still home with me all the time. That surprised me but it's true. My whole world has been YOU for the past 6 years.

I love when you get home from school and tell me about your day. What you had for lunch, who you played with at recess and what books you read. Your reading is so far advance that you go to the other K class to read with their super reader! Keeping you challenged is a struggle for Mrs C but she has a plan and you're doing AWESOME!

You are an amazing little girl, Iz. Funny and sarcastic and silly and emotional and challenging and the most wonderful that that has ever happened to us. We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next year brings!!!

Mommy and Daddy



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