Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Annnnd...we're off....

....like a herd of turtles :/

So I started de-cluttering today. I put Iz on the bus, made a quick trip to the library then switched on some brainless tv and grabbed the bins off the shelf in the living room so I could go through them. These bins are full of toys that Iz drags out from her room but never brings back, drawings she's done, magazines, and junk. Plain old junk. I filled a clothes basket of things to go back to her room (books mostly) and I filled the trash with broken toys, scraps of paper and other miscellaneous things. I also threw a HUGE stack of paper into the recycling. As much as I'd like to keep every doodle and drawing and story Iz makes I just can't. I'm going to keep the best and toss the rest :)

Then....it all came to a screeching halt. I emptied the trash and discovered we have NO MORE TRASH BAGS! Argh! I knew we were low but sheesh! Anyhoo - Hubby's bringing home more and things will continue tomorrow. He's all worried that I'm throwing away his stuff but I'm not....yet :)



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