Friday, January 13, 2012

Smartie Pants

We knew when Iz started Kindergarten that she would excel at reading. It wasn't until we got her first "DIBEL" scores that we understood how much. DIBELS are assessments that are given 3 times a year - September, January and June and they focus on literacy skills.

Here are IzzyB's scores from September and the charts!

*Click on the image to see it better!

Yes, you read that right - she scored 137 when the goal was 25! and they didn't even test her on the second section because she outscored it last time with a 61 (the goal for END OF YEAR was 40!) and her first assessment on the 3rd section she scored 61 on an end of year goal of 35! Sheesh!

Iz's teacher has been amazing in ensuring that Iz continues to be challenged every day in her literacy work. Iz goes over to the other kindergarten class for part of her literacy block to work with the other super reader over there and they've been making their way through a couple of workbooks as well as going up to the special reading room every so often (it's like a secret library in the school!). We were fortunate that Iz got a teacher who recognized right away when she was getting bored during her reading and getting distracted that it was because she needed to be challenged and not because she's a trouble maker.

We are so proud of our little smartie pants!



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