Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School

I've spent almost every minute of every day for the past 5-1/2 years with my girl...

until yesterday *sob*. The first day of Kindergarten.

She was a little excited :)

We were out waiting for the bus about 15 minutes early because she just couldn't wait in the house any longer!

Daddy stuck around long enough to see her off :)

This was before I got all teary :) 
(but I made sure to pull my sunglasses over my eyes so she wouldn't see!)

And, after centering my life around her since the day she was born, IzzyB kissed me and then marched across the street and onto that big yellow bus without even a glance back! Hmph....not sure how I feel about that :)

Luckily I had some errands to run but I was home by noon and then spent the next almost 4 hours watching the clock, waiting for my girl. I have a big list of projects to do while Iz is at school but I'm taking the first week or so to "adjust."

It was a long day but she finally came back...

She was tired but she LOVED it! Ahhh....that makes a mama feel good!



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