Thursday, September 1, 2011


We had a visitor to our great state last weekend..."Hurricane" Irene. Not as bad as we expected though we did lose power for about 30 hours, Autie D didn't have power for 3 days, and there was a lot of branches that came down. Other places got it a LOT worse (big shout out to my buddy G in Vermont who can't even get to her HOUSE because the road is washed out! Love you!).

No power for more than a day. This is what we did...

A little coloring.

A lot of napping.

Some tunes.

A WHOLE book! (really good, btw!)

This one's hard to see but a pretty good size branch came down in the road right in front of our house but there were guys there within a couple hours with chainsaws to get it out of the way!

We survived with minimal damage. The wind finally brought down a branch that's been hanging off a tree over our driveway for more than a year but we had moved the vehicles in anticipation of it coming down so all is well up here at the L house :)



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