Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fun: Camping!

I made lists for days, packed the van to the brim (notice the requisite iced coffee!) and we went camping!

Iz and I headed over early Wednesday afternoon, met up with Mel and her boys and got things set up. We had enough time before the husbands arrived to play in the river!

Simple dinner for night 1 and then the kids were sent off to bed with promises of all the fun we would have for the next 2 days. Hubby and I joined Mel and her man at their fire for drinks and laughs and a good time was had by all.

Day 2 started off well. Hubby headed home mid-morning to do his chores and the rest of us headed to the playground. Iz promptly fell climbing the ladder to the slide and hurt her foot. At first I thought it was no big deal but 6 hours later she still couldn't put ANY weight on it so off to the ER we went.

Diagnosis - mid level sprain and internal bruising. Ugh! Treatment - ace bandage wrap and off her feet for 3 days minimum. Also - no pediatric crutches available at the hospital or any of the FOUR stores I stopped at to look so Iz's mobility would be VERY limited.

As if that wasn't enough, headed home from the ER at about 9pm I hit a HUGE raccoon with my car (my NEW car!) and busted up the front fender area....*sob* Talk about a bad day!

We decided to stick it out camping and make the most of it...

A little down time with the boys - watching Harry Potter.

Sparklers are still fun even if you can't run around :)

We headed home Saturday morning and Iz was just starting to be able to put some weight on her foot. By Sunday she was walking but still weak and Monday was the first day she really got around no problem though more than a couple minutes and she was uncomfortable. Poor thing. She told me she still had fun camping since the boys were more than happy to play with her in their tent and she could still swim in the pool but it wasn't our *best* trip :) Ah well....there's always next year!



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