Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Backseat Conversation

We live in the middle of nowhere. Actually, if you go to the middle of nowhere you're going to have to drive just a little further to get to our house. Because of that, Iz and I spend a lot of time in the car. If we leave the house I bank on at least a 30 minute drive one way and hardly ever leave without snacks and a cooler with some cold drinks. On an average day I can easily put 50 miles on my car just going to the library or grocery store or to a friends house. The only exception to the 50 mile rule is when we go to our friend R;s house (4 miles away), to our local library (5 miles away) or the nearby convenience store for Slush Puppies and Iced Coffee on a hot day (4 miles away).

All this time in the car gives Iz and I time for heart to heart talks and funny conversations. Actually, what usually happens is Iz talks non-stop the ENTIRE time and I tune most of it out but sometimes she says something that I just *have* to write down. Here are some of those things:

1.) Iz: Mommy, I had no idea Auntie D was such a good dancer! She was really getting down with her bad self at SnL's wedding!!!

2.) Iz: (playing with her toy laptop) Oh man, this thing is SO slow! How am I supposed to upload pics to my blog? Wow! I sure have a lot of friends on Facebook!

3.) What would happen if we had a tiny car that the windows didn't open and I did a lot of tooting (aka - passing gas) in it? Would your nose break?

4.) *singing* My Russian hat! My Russian hat! I LO-O-O-VE my Russian haaaaaaaaaaaaat!

Seriously...that kid cracks me up! :)


Randi said...

Hmmm, I wonder where she gets these ideas from? Takes after Mom I think ;)


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