Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vacation....So Far

Ahhh, vacation. A time to kick back and relax, sip fruity drinks with umbrellas in them and not have a care in the world...


This is the 5th day of vacation (including teacher workshop day last Friday and the weekend) and we've been going NON-STOP for those five days.

Friday was the day I tackled my to-do list since I knew I wouldn't get another chance for a while. Lots of cleaning, laundry and errand-running.

Saturday I went Easter shopping with Mel (and annual tradition). I got home in time to fix a quick dinner, pick up a little, put Iz to bed and then Hubby and I had friends over for a few drinks and a LOT of laughs.

Sunday morning was Roo's Bday party at Chuck E. Cheese. It's an hour drive each way, plus stops for coffee and gas, and we were there about 3 hours. We got home about 3, Iz popped in a movie and I promptly fell asleep on the couch...

Yesterday was a playdate for Iz at a friends house in the afternoon so not exactly busy for me but I DID have to drop her off and pick her up :)

TODAY....we went to see Rio!!!

VERY cute movie..made Iz laugh out loud several times.

Honestly, I was laughing right alongside her!!!

Met Hubby afterwards so he could buy a new ladder and tie it to the top of my van and made it home just in time to put Iz to bed.

Whew! and it's only Day 5! The rest of the week includes coloring eggs with Auntie D and Mimi, a trip to the circus, playdate at another friend's house, dinner out for our anniversary (without Iz - we actually have a babysitter!!!), girls night out for me and then Easter Sunday.

My camera hasn't come out yet this vacation but that will change starting tomorrow :)



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