Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eggs!

We colored our eggs at Auntie D's house yesterday. It was a lot different than last year when Mimi was so little. She really got into it this year :)

Playing with some spoons while she waits for the fun.

Waiting...and smiling :)

Her Grammie bought some "no-spill" egg coloring cups 
(note: they are NOT no-spill...that's a myth I discovered right away!!!)

"I want that one!"

Dropping in the egg...

"Hey! Where did it go?"

Give it a stir...

...and Voila!!!! Pretty egg! :)

My cutie showing off one of her eggs.

I kept trying to get Mimi to show me her messy hands but she just wouldn't do it! For the record....they were BLUE!

Auntie D trying to get the blue off her hands with a was making Mimi giggle!

We had a blast (as usual) and can't wait to find all those eggs on Sunday after the Easter Bunny comes and hides them all!!!!



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