Monday, April 11, 2011

Goodbye Snow....


MUD :(

Ah, springtime in Maine. 

Spring is the bane of my existence. Unlike snow, which is at least pretty when it first falls, spring (especially early spring) is just nasty. I look outside right now and all I see is leafless trees, mud, dingy snowbanks, dullness, lifelessness and all-around misery.

Also, I'm *this* close to buying these for the dog
because the amount of dirt she is dragging into this house is immeasurable. I just washed the floors 3 days ago and you can't even tell. People, the mud is going to push me over the edge!!!

The upside? With temperatures in the mid-60's today, Iz has been outside since the minute we got home...going on 3+hours now. LOVE that!!!



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