Monday, October 4, 2010

Beantown - Day 1 - Bus Tour

One of the things on my 34 things before I turn 34 list was to take a vacation with Hubby and Iz. Last week we took a couple days and went to Boston, using a hotel g.c. Hubby won at work...this will probably have to count as our "vacation" since I'm not seeing Disney or anything in our near future :)

We left right after school on Wednesday and headed south! We checked into the hotel, let Iz go for a swim, went out to dinner, went for a swim all together and then I decided to finally haul out my camera (bad blogger! bad!) and snap a shot of Iz snuggled in for the night :)

Thursday morning we got up bright and early, had an AWESOME breakfast courtesy of the hotel and then fought rush hour traffic for over an hour to go 10 miles to a different hotel to be picked up for a Boston Tour!

First stop - Bunker Hill Monument ...incidentally, did you know that the Battle of Bunker Hill was not actually fought ON Bunker Hill? It was fought on Breed's Hill but, obviously, someone mis-read the GPS and it has always been referred to as the Battle of Bunker Hill. Definitely has a better ring to it than the Battle of Breed's Hill anyway :)

Iz walking the "Freedom Trail."

The Monument

"Breed's Hill. Site of the Battle of Bunker Hill fought June 17, 1776"
Makes us sounds like a bunch of idiot's, huh? I wonder how many people have read this plaque and wondered "Why didn't they just call it the Battle of Breed's Hill?"

Iz watching the battle played out in the museum.

Next stop - USS Constitution aka Old Ironsides

Then it was a trek up a very STEEP hill to visit the Old North Church.

We had lunch at Quincy market and Iz got to "Build a Bear" (more on that later...)

After lunch another stop where the wind was blowing so hard that it actually blew Iz right off this turtle after I snapped this picture :)

Snuggling with her new bear :)

Last stop - Henry Wadsworth Longfellows house. we didn't tour the house but did get to walk through the gardens - VERY nice :)
The tour also drove us by MIT, Harvard, Fenway park and a million other things. We had a blast AND it didn't rain!

We were dropped off at the van around 4 and 5 minutes later I looked back and saw this:
Somebody was worn out...and Iz was tired too! LOL!



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