Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beantown - Day 2 - The Aquarium

After more swimming Thursday night, dinner at Sonic and another AWESOME breakfast Friday morning, we packed up, checked out and headed to the aquarium.

VERY excited :)

Hubby drove us into the big city - claims it's as easy as driving to the corner store...
for HIM maybe!


Checking out the cool fish

Tide pool - this was the best part, except the water was FREEZING!

Cuddling up to a baby penguin statue - too funny!

The girl LOVES to pose!

The massive sea turtle in the GIANT ocean tank!

Playing a game in the kid's room - matching babies to their mom's!

Fur Seals - ADORABLE :)

We headed out just in time to walk 3 blocks back to the van in the RAIN! Hubby got us safely out of the city and we headed home.

No complaints though - we had a GREAT time!!!



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