Monday, March 29, 2010

Maple Sunday

Yesterday was Maple Sunday! One of my favorite days of the year :)

I don't have a lot pf pictures because the wind was whipping and it was FREEZING, but here are a was pretty much the same as last year....just less mud :)

Iz entered a contest to name this baby calf....she picked "Moo-Belle" which took her 2 whole days to come up with and, I think, should be the winning name....we'll see :)

This was Iz's favorite cow....she loved the shaggy hair!

Only in Maine do you go around in the freezing cold to sit on a tractor :)

Looks like Iz loves baby cows as much as me....they're just the sweetest things!
She likes the big ones to, it seems :)

Yet another tractor :)

One last stop at the Alpaca Farm up the road....

....and we were back home by lunchtime. It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon around here made complete by our traditional Maple Sunday dinner....Banana-Nut pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and, of course, FRESH syrup! YUM!



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