Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obsessions....Let's Review

Almost six months ago I listed the things I was currently obsessed with. I thought it would be fun to look back and see if those obsessions lasted :) AND to list my new ones!!!

1. Glee ~ Absolutely still obsessed and anxiously looking forward to it's return in a couple weeks...especially since Idina Menzel (the original Broadway Elphaba) will be on the show as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline...this is a TV series I might have to break down and buy when it comes out on DVD :)

2. The Middle ~ nope - a short-lived obsession. The show is good, don't get me wrong but I always seem to miss it.

3. Woman with Kids ~ Yes. Yes. Annnnd Yes!

4. Ellie ~ more obsessed than ever. She's changing so much every time I see her that I just can't get enough of this little cutie pie!

5. IzzyB ~ ALWAYS!

6. Grey's Anatomy ~ Yes. Loving the fact that McDreamy is the chief and the chief is back to doing surgery and trying to fix his love. Love that Bailey's getting hot and steamy with Dr. Ben (hubba!). Pretty much the only thing I'm not loving is the lack of George and Izzie :(

7. Private Practice ~ Yes. Loved the end of last week's episode and can't wait to see how Addison and Naomi fix their friendship.

8. The Biggest Loser ~ OMG YES.

9. Survivor ~ This season I'm loving it! Heroes v Villians! Colby (yum!), Boston Rob, James AND Russell all together....heaven :)

10. Amalah ~ Yes. In fact, she posted something a couple weeks ago that I wanted to blog about. (Mental Note....go find that post!)

11. My Yahoo Knitting Group ~ Nope - this is a holiday thing and, now that the holidays are over, it's been pushed to the back burner.

12. The forgotten ~ This is one of few shows that Hubby watches with me and we are still into it. LOVE Christian Slater :)

13. Flash Forward ~ Two-Hour return episode tonight...Can't WAIT!

14. 100 days of Holidays ~ See #11

15. Patriots ~ Not so much right now ... GO RED SOX!

16. DD Iced Coffee ~ Had two today.....does that make things clear? :)

17. Knitpicks ~ I've been behaving myself and haven't ordered in a while. Hmmmm....I think it's time though. I want to knit Ellie a lightweight sweater for Spring/Summer.

So, I started with 11 and 4 have gone by the wayside leaving 7.

New obsessions:

1. Modern Family ~ If you haven't seen this show you MUST watch it NOW. No, go....go to tvguide and watch the pilot episode and then go to hulu and watch every episode available. Hysterical! Seriously. Cameron and Phila re the two funniest characters on tv right now.

2. The AMAZING Recovery of my friend, Laurie.

Hmmmmm. I think that's it. WOW! I'm down to just 9 obsessions. Pretty good, if I must say so myself. I might actually have some free time soon :)

Oh, and
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


Woman with kids said...

Love your obsessions! ;-) Truly miss George on Greys, and tired of McSteamy and Little Grey whining...

Yummmy... DD iced coffee


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