Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who knew?

A while back someone gave us a DVD of Kid Concoctions. Iz LOVES this DVD. She wants to watch it ALL.THE.TIME. Naturally, she wants to make every concoction and contraption they make though she's a little too young for most. Yesterday we made two of the things she's been asking to make for MONTHS ~ Slime...and, for lack of a better name, Corn Starch Slime.

Slime Ingredients:
White School Glue, Borax, Water, Food Coloring

Corn Starch Slime Ingredients:
Corn Starch, Food Coloring, Water

Five Household Ingredients.....HOURS of ENTERTAINMENT!

No kidding! Iz played with these two bowls of "stuff" for close to FOUR hours yesterday (with breaks, of course). There was hardly a mess...both clean up super-easy and are reusable.

Amazing! I was able to clean both bathrooms with ZERO interruptions. It's a miracle :)



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