Friday, May 20, 2011

34 Things....Final Update

1. Get a new tattoo.
Nope. Mainly because I can't make up my mind about what I want!!!!!! Ideas anyone???

2. Get a pedicure.
Nope again. Why? It's hard to get a pedi when you always have a little girl in tow. Maybe this year I'll bring her along and we'll both get one :)

3. Go camping.
Yes! Remember?

4. Go on vacation with Hubby and Iz.
Yes! Three days in Boston :)

5. Talk Hubby into letting us get a couple kittens.
One kitten was all he agreed on and thanks goodness...ONE is enough!

6. Grow more in my garden!
Ugh! Let's not talk about this one, okay.

7. Plant more flowers.
See #6

8. Finally get the rocks out of the front yard.
A work in progress...

9. Get back into the habit of exercising several times a week.
Yes! Yes! Yes! :)

10. Get family pictures done.
Does the one at the end of this post count?

11. Take Iz to the aquarium.
Yes :)

12. Take a class...just for ME.
I took a basket class last fall so i'm going to check this one off as a success as well!

13. More date nights with Hubby!
Well, we went out for our anniversary :)

14. Get a Wii.

15. Walk more.

16. Stop biting my nails!!!

17. Grow my hair out.
Yep - haven't cut it since September though it DOES need a trim!

18. Watch less tv (and get Iz to do the same).
I plead the fifth....

19. Clean more.
Yeah. Most of the time :)

20. Stress less.
Definitely getting better at this one!

21. Fully enjoy the last year home with Iz before she starts kindergarten.

22. Be more positive.
YES :)

23. Repaint the living room/kitchen.

24. Reconnect with an old friend.

25. Repair a broken friendship.

26. Make a new friend...or 2 or 3!!!!!
Yes! (I'm on a roll!!!!)

27. Take more pictures!

28. Laugh even MORE!

29. Make curtains for the house.
Um, no.

30. Take a train ride in N. Conway with Iz & Hubby.
Unfortunately, no...maybe this summer?

31. Read Jane Austen's books.
*groan* No, but I did download her entire written works onto my Kindle so there's still hope!

32. Reread "The Chronicles of Narnia" the RIGHT order this time!

33. more ways than one!
Again, a work in progress....

34. Drink less iced coffee. HA! Kidding! I just couldn't think of anything else :)
*giggle*giggle* Not a chance!



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