Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sassy*

Okay...*almost* Wordless!
Sassy is the newest member of our family...her story will be coming soon :)


Mama H said...

I'm just now realizing that Kiko is YOUR basset hound! Oh my word...sooo cute. (We have a bsset as well...not sure if you knew that or not...)

Great dogs...but stinky and they shed a ton of hair, eh?? I do love our Mooch man though. He's such a kind, gentle, LAZY dog! :)

I'll be curious to hear what Kiko thinks of the new Sassy addition. *wink*

IzzyBsMama said...

Actually, Kiko is my sister's basset hound :) But, I agree that they are great dogs!!

We have a German Shepard, Callie, who LOVES the kitten...though Sassy is a little skittish since Callie is a little too excited about a new play mate!!!


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