Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vacation Project

Last week when Hubby was on vacation we finally tackled a project we've wanted to do since the day we moved in to the house....I don't have actual before pictures but this will give you the general idea:
That's the wall behind the wood stove in our living room. Before we started our project the space around where the stovepipe goes into the wall was covered with an ugly piece of wire mesh (we moved in to our house in October so there was no time to do anything else before cold weather arrived...) and it's taken us three years to finally get rid of the ugliness!

Step One - Putting up wall board....
Step Two - Tile :)

Our "official" UPC sticker remover!

Halfway there!

The tile saw master :)

Tile is up and waiting for grout (that's MY job!).

Grout is done....just waiting to clean up the haze.
A little cutie snuck in when I snapped this pic :)

It took Hubby and I about three hours to get the tile up onto the wall the first day.
In case you're wondering what Iz was doing that whole time....
House wrecking, of course! She's a PRO!

The haze got cleaned off and the shelf & trim went up.

Looks GREAT!


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