Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping 2010 :)

We spent last Wednesday thru Saturday camping here...what a GREAT time we had!!!

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday's Dinner...YUM!

"Late" Night dancing at the campsite
( was only 9pm, but that's late for Iz!)

The chef....isn't he cute?!?

Relaxing in the hammock.

More relaxing...

Callie...surprisingly enough, just about the best behaved dog at the campground!

Watching a movie in the van Thursday afternoon :)
She was too tired to do anything else, but refused a nap!

I, however, did NOT refuse a nap :)

Down at the river!

Getting Callie to chase sticks into the water...NOT easy, but she tolerated it!

Cutie :)

Trying to avoid getting wet!

Hubby see-sawing with Iz and her camp buddy!

The weather was GORGEOUS the whole time we were there. We spent a ton of time at the pool, the playground, the river and just relaxing around the fire. Iz had her first s'more (until now she's refused to taste a cooked marshmallow - little did she know what she was missing!) AND she finally decided that going underwater was not a bad thing (more on that tomorrow!).

A fun time was had by all!!!

Hubby mentioned that the next tent we get should be a big 2-room style....I said the next "tent" we get should be a pop-up camper :) I'm getting too old to sleep on an air mattress!!! Sheesh!



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