Tuesday, August 17, 2010

34 Things...Update #2

Forgot to do a July update...oops! See the complete list HERE ... see my progress as of June HERE :)
#3 Go camping.
YES! Reservations are made... we're going this week :) Can't wait!
#5 Talk Hubby into letting us get a couple of kittens.
Done ... well, half done, but as done as it will get :)
#6 Grow more in my garden.
Ugh! My poor garden! It has been seriously neglected this summer though we have had green beans with one meal (yum!) and peas with THREE meals this summer :) I have a couple squash going and a pumpkin or two started but my zucchini and summer squash did NOT appear. Blah! I have not been diligent about watering and weeding and tending so it's my own fault. Ho hum....there's always next year, right?
#15 Walk more.
This hasn't happened yet (it's been unbearable HOT and HUMID, remember?) but I have a definite plan in place for when Iz starts preschool next month (next month? YIPE!) and WILL be walking at least 3 times a week!!!
# 28 Laugh even MORE!
This is an on-going thing but was considerably helped along a couple weeks ago when I went out with the "Ballet Moms"



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