Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rock On!

The back story:
Several months ago Hubby got back into playing guitars and looking around for other people to jam with on a semi-regular basis. Not anything serious but just for fun with the potential for a gig here or there if the right situation came up. Recently he met up with a couple other guys and they've agreed to get together every week or so. Last night was their second get together and yesterday afternoon I reminded Iz that it would be just us girls for dinner because Daddy was going to band practice.


When Jimmy got here yesterday Hubby was doing a bit of last minute practicing in the spare room.

Iz: Jimmy, did you know my Daddy's in a band?

Jimmy: No.

Iz: Do you hear that? He's playing right's like he's a ROCK STAR!!!

Tee hee hee! That kid cracks me up!



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