Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner Conversation

Me (to Hubby): Wow, The d-o-g is being really good right now.

Iz: What's a d-o-g?

Me: (whispers) Dog.
After all, saying the word dog aloud alerts Callie that we are talking about her and sends her into immediate ridiculous-ness...

Iz: Oh.

Me: How about l-o-g? What does that spell?

Iz: Log!

Me: H-o-g?

Iz: (thinks for a second) Hog!

Me: How about c-a-t? Do you know what that spells?

Iz: (with ZERO hesitation) Cat!

Me: Very good! H-a-t?

Iz: Hat!

Me: R-a-t?

Iz: Rat!

Me: Okay, I'm going to trick you now. What does r-a-P spell?

Iz: (thinks for a second) Rap?

Me: Yes! How about c-a-p?

Iz: Cap.

Me: T-r-a-p?

Iz: (thinks...and thinks....asks me to spell it one more time) Trap!

Me: F-r-o-g?

Iz: (thinks for a mili-second) Frog!

I was shocked that she knew frog after we had spelled so many other words after we did the "og" words. I'm telling you what, people...she's a smarty pants :)



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