Monday, April 30, 2012

Upta Camp - April '12

Even though it was the middle of April, there was still SNOW on the banks of the river!

Kiko :)

Down at the "rocky beach" of Auntie D's river

There's Kiko again!
Now you see her... you don't :)

Throwing rocks in the river - VERY fun!

Iz grabbed Auntie D's binoculars and bird book and headed out to the hammock for some bird watching

My usual crap Scrabble letters :/
The only thing I could spell was E-I-E-I-O

Another trek down to the water

Yoga maybe?

Iz was constantly putting her feet in the icy water...don't know how she could stand it!

A walk down to the stream to try and build a dam :)

A quick stop at the playground before the LONG drive home!

Another AWESOME trip upta camp - THANKS Auntie D!!!!



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