Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came and spoiled our girl again this year :)

Early morning pictures don't flatter her much...

That's a little better!

Mid-morning we headed to Auntie Ds to celebrate. SnL and Mimi were there for a little while before heading to spend the afternoon with L's family. Iz was kind enough to share her new lip gloss with Miss Mimi.

Pretty lips! Pretty girl!

Pretty lips! Pretty girl!
Do you see a theme here? LOL

That darn bunny hid the eggs outside (brrr....) but we managed to find them all before we froze!

Iz up on the sand pile hunting for the LAST egg :)

A little pretending on the 4-wheeler.

Then we had the fun idea to make peeps s'mores...YUM!

A last pic at home to show her new dress :)



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