Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Iz had 2 costumes this Halloween (lucky girl!). The frist she wore to a party last weekend and *almost* won first place in the costume contest!

Our Cute Little Paper Doll

The second was part of the dress-up box she got last Christmas and she had decided it would be her Trick-or-Treating Costume months ago!

Little Red Riding Hood

Look who else joined us on our quest for candy!

Little Red & Abby Cadabby :)

It was a cold on but we hit up 10 or 12 houses and that was good enough for all! When we got back to Auntie D's house Iz sorted her candy then started wheeling and dealing with anyone who was willing to get her basket of candy to a point where it was ALL stuff she likes! A girl after my own heart :)



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