Monday, November 28, 2011


Mel was here at 7:30 on Friday morning and we hit Black Friday like it was nobody's business.

Now? Other than a few more stocking stuffers and yankee swap gifts I am DONE Christmas shopping!

There's a little girl in this house that's been asking for the same thing for THREE years and this is finally the year tha Santa is pulling through and getting her this:

There are a few Barbies from Grammy and Auntie R that will make this super fun to play with Christmas morning :)

Me? I'm getting this:

Saw it on sale in the big red circle store's ad this week and Hubby said go ahead and get it :) Yay!

Now to enjoy the season - we'll be decorating this week and starting our 12 Days of Christmas Cookies very soon! Iz is home sick today (poor thing) so I may dig out the Christmas dvds and spend the day curled up with her watching Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Emmett Otter and all my other holiday friends :)



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