Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Preschool ended last month and Iz and I have been busy busy busy ever since with tee ball and ballet but that all ends this weekend. Our last tee ball game is Saturday morning and recital is Saturday night.

In anticipation of our new found freedom come Monday morning we have been working on a summer fun list. It includes things like camping, a trip to the ocean and ice cream at the ice cream shop I loved as a child. It's still a work in progress but check in Monday for the (hopefully) completed list.

The flower girls dresses are in for SnL's wedding....here's a sneak peak :)

And, just to keep teasing....recital costume....

Finally, I'm listening to the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy (if you haven't read this series yet....do it! So good!) and I love how listening to books gives me a whole new perspective on the characters and plot. It happened when I listened to Harry Potter, it happened when I listened to Twilight and now it's happening with The Hunger Games. In the car Iz and I are listening to the Little House on the Prairie books which she LOVES and I'm enjoying hearing again - it's been so long since I've read them.

Audio books....awesome!!! FREE audio books from the library? Even more AWESOME!!! :)

Happy Tuesday all!



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