Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Nice Day!

Yesterday was our last Wednesday at Auntie D's until July. L has a couple weeks off before summer school starts and Auntie D wants to work those Wednesdays to save up for the weeks before the wedding when she's sure she'll want some extra time off :) We were lucky enough to have PERFECT weather...not too hot, not too cold, not rainy, just a little breezy and we packed in as much fun as we could to take advantage of it.

We started off the morning with a fort in the middle of the living room :)
(not Mimi's best picture but, oh well)

Followed with time in the sprinkler...

...then we walked up to the park to play at the playground.

Then it was back to Auntie D's to munch on some chives.

After playing some more the girls had popsicles. When they were done I told Mimi to go wash her sticky hands off in the pool. While she was doing that I (jokingly) said "Wash your face too" and this is what happened....

....then, of course, they had to dry off :)

Those silly girls!!!

I did warn L that I would probably have Mimi withdrawels over the next couple weeks so expect a call for a visit. L informed me that she has a huge honey-do list from S to accomplish during her time off so Im' sure she would appreciate an extra set of hands. If not, well...we'll still visit anyway :)



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