Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grati-Tuesday :)

1) Hubby brought me home steamers and chowdah from his work dinner last night - YUM! I'm so grateful that he does little things every day to show me he loves me.

2) My preschool mom buddy R watched Iz for me while I went to the doctor's yesterday morning. I'm so grateful to have people in my life that I can trust with my little girl.

3) Our summer is shaping up to be super busy with, at this point, only 3 free weekends. I'm so grateful that so many people love us and include us in the important events in their lives.

4) My sunburn has faded into quite a nice tan. I'm grateful that the sun has been shining!!!!

5) Iz has ballet this morning. I'm grateful there's a DD on the way :)

6) My nephew graduates from h.s. on Thursday night. I'm grateful that Hubby's job is flexible enough so that he can take Iz to t-ball while I go to graduation.

7) Mel and I talked yesterday about our families camping together next month. I'm SO grateful to have a friend that I know I can tolerate for 3 days straight!

8) Iz had step-up day for Kindergarten last Friday. The principal, nurse, teachers and everyone I've met at the school seem amazing. I'm grateful for teachers that care.

9) I'm making the flower girl baskets for SnL's wedding. I'm grateful that I learned this simple skill so long ago that now allows me to be a part of their BIG day :)

10) Mimi fell down the stairs at Auntie D's house last week. I'm SO SO SO grateful that it ended up just being a fat lip.



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