Monday, February 15, 2010


Baby steps....that's what I'm steps.

The hardest part about de-cluttering is realizing that it's not going to get done in a day. All this stuff didn't come into this house in a day. The closets/drawers/cubbies/cabinets/shelves did not accumulate mountains of useless stuff in a day.

So, I can't expect it to all go away in a day. But....I'm making progress.

Hubby had today off for the holiday so I was able to go grocery shopping ALONE :) I also stopped at Wallyworld for a couple non-food things and I got a good deal on a couple organizational items. For the coat closet in our living room (which is packed with stuff and unable to hold any coats!) I got an over-the-door shoe organizer and a set of small totes for the shelf....I got another over-the-door shoe thing for the closet in the master bedroom to store things like belts, bandannas, and other odds and ends since we don't use dressers. The best part? The organization stuff was on CLEARANCE! My favorite!

I took about an hour tonight (while watching The Bachelor) and cleaned out the drawers in the living room. The bottom two are Iz's and hold coloring books, crayons, stickers and craft stuff. The top one is mine and holds odds and ends. They tend to be a catch-all so I cleaned everything out, organized and actually managed to make enough room in the top drawer to hold all of Iz's hair stuff so it isn't floating around the house driving me mad!

Tomorrow's task....Coat Closet!!! I'm DETERMINED to be able to actually hang coats in it!!!!



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