Monday, February 22, 2010

De-Cluttering and Update

Jillian's 30-Day Shred is kicking my BUTT! It's been a week and I've done the Level One workout every day except Saturday.

The result? Down 7 pounds :)

I'm not one who likes to exercise but I've forced myself to do it and once I start I follow through to the end. It's only 20 minutes, after all, and I'm definitely seeing a difference in my endurance. I think I'll be ready to try Level Two in another week or so!

I *almost* want to be disappointed in myself for not working out on Saturday but I spent ALL DAY cleaning and de-cluttering around the house. I cleaned out the closet in the bathroom, the linen closet, the Master Bath vanity and the walk-in closet along with sorting through both my clothes and Iz's to donate. Hubby barely had enough room for all the trash when he went to the dump Sunday!!!

It was SO nice to finally go through my clothes and get rid of stuff I will never wear. Why I insist on holding on to things is beyond me but it's a habit I am desperately trying to break. In the few days since I've cleaned I've made a HUGE effort to maintain all the hard work I did and make progress in little areas.

Baby steps.....



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