Thursday, February 25, 2010

It Could Have Been Worse

5:24pm last night my cell phone rang. It was Hubby.

"I've been in an accident. Come get me."

Now, I know that I shouldn't have panicked since he was the one that called me and he *sounded* fine, but heart stopped for a moment. Then I grabbed Iz....stuffed her (quite unceremoniously) into her boots, coat, hat and mittens and we headed out.

The accident only happened about 4 miles from home, but we waited at the scene for about an hour while Hubby transferred things from his work vehicle to the van and for the State Trooper and Tow Truck to show up.

This is what happened.

Coming down a hill he hit an icy spot, started to slide and just about pulled out of it when the wheels gripped and shot him the other way...he ended up on the left hand side of the road, wiped out a bunch of the fence/guardrail thing and was on top of the snow bank, straddling the fence/guardrail thingy.....if the car had gone another couple feet he would have gone over the banking.


I'm sure the undercarriage of the car is ripped apart from going up onto the fence and then being dragged back down by the tow truck. The frame may very well be bent in which case the car would be totalled. Hubby mentioned last night a concern about losing his job because of the accident (his boss has since reassured him that all is well). Dinner didn't happened until almost 8pm last night and our bedtime routine was thrown out the window.


Could have been a LOT worse...



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