Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Week :)

Christmas Week is FINALLY here...and this is what needs to get done:
1. Send out cards with $$$ for the "big" kids

2. Find (and print) a picture to put in the frame I bought Hubby for Christmas

3. Get Birthday invitations ready [Iz's Bday is January 10th - I like to have invites ready to hand out when we see everyone at the holidays...saves on stamps :) ]

4. Clean the bathrooms [this is an every week to-do item, but counts even more this week since the in-laws are coming down Saturday!]

5. Make some more cookies [it IS Christmas, after can't have TOO many!]

6. Finish knitting [1-1/2 more socks and I'm DONE!]

7. Finish wrapping [can't finish this until I finish knitting :)]

8. Find and wash our special plate and cup for Santa's milk and cookies [you would think it was with the Christmas would be WRONG!]

9. Go through the fridge ONE MORE TIME to make sure that I don't have to go anywhere NEAR a grocery store on Thursday!

10. Figure out a way to stop the dog from trying to EAT the cinnamon applesauce ornaments on the tree

11. Buy enough batteries to get Iz through a day or two with her new toys :)

12. Get a haircut [ hair? out of control!]

13. Check that the liquor cabinet is stocked [it IS the holidays...and we will be seeing a LOT of our family in the next few days :)]

14. Keep Iz out of our closet so she won't find all her presents before Friday [easier said than done!]

15. Continue to get even MORE excited about the weekend AFTER Christmas when the girls and I go see WICKED!

15. Take a few minutes to actually ENJOY the holiday season...



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