Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, Needless to Say....

I did NOT remember to bring my camera to the birthday party on Sunday....I am probably the world's worst blogger!

We had a great time, though. The weather was great - the kids were able to play outside for quite a while. Mel had it planned great too....they played outside, then came in for cake and ice cream, then went back outside for a Scavenger Hunt which led them ALL over the place and finally back inside to break the pinata! Then Jack opened his presents and everyone left. VERY FUN!

Maybe I can scrounge up some pics other people took.....In the meantime, it's school vacation week.

That means:

1. No Jimmy
2. No story time at the library
3. No gymnastics

Whatever will we do with all our free time?

Welllllll....we're thinking of going to see the circus this afternoon, although it is pouring rain and the thought of driving into the city, parking and getting into the venue makes me want drive splinters under my fingernails!!! Especially if it's raining,which it is supposed to do for the next 3 days! Mel and the boys might join us - we'll see!

Other than that, the week is open!

Tomorrow is our 4-year wedding anniversary :) Maybe good old Auntie D will take Iz so we can have a meal alone or something, but really, we're not ones for big fancy anniversary dinners. Just a couple minutes alone would be great!



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