Monday, April 27, 2009


I have nothing to's official. Our life is extremely boring, in fact, that I have not dug my camera out for a week. So boring that the highlight of the past several days is Hubby bringing home his new work vehicle this afternoon (a 2009 Hyundai Sonata - SWEET!) that prompted immediate jealousy from me, who drives a 2002 Kia Sedona mini-van...which I used to love but now loathe.

I guess I could RAVE about the gorgeous weather we've had the past few days. It's felt more like August than April! We've spent a lot of time outside and I've gotten quite a bit of raking/cleaning up done AND we dug out Iz's kiddie pool which, once filled with ice cold water from the hose, was an instant success....and the water was immediately disgusting, due to the fact that the most fun thing to do with it is step in then step out, walk around the yard (which is all dirt - we have NO grass) then step back in the water to rinse off your feet....repeat 100 times in 10 minutes and VOILA! instant filthy water :)

That's it - hopefully life will get a little more exciting in the next few days. I'm planning on trying to set up a play date with my friend HC & her 3 boys so maybe I'll have pictures from that (if my head is attached that day and I actually remember my camera....AND batteries!!!!).

Oh! I do have one thing....I brought Iz to the circus last week :) We had a blast....I tried taking pics but the lighting was horrible - I did get this one though



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