Friday, April 17, 2009

Smarty Pants

Iz walked up to me a little while ago and announced that "T-T-T-Today starts with a T!" then proceeded to tell me that "tomorrow" starts with a T, "turtle" starts with a T, and "toes" starts with a T. Simply amazing that she is already starting to sound out words....I'm pretty confident that she'll be reading in no time :)

My next-door neighbor "D" came over today while I was outside raking & Iz was playing with Callie. She and I have waved in passing and had a quick conversation while waiting for the bus, but that's it...and we have lived her for 2-1/2 years. I am so glad she (and her 2 girls) walked over. We had great conversation out on the deck - though I got a SUNBURN - and it was nice to have an adult to chat with and for Iz & the dog to have some kids to play with. She also extended an invitation to us to walk over the next nice day for more chit-chat and so Iz can check out their SWING SET! Very exciting!

One last thing...Iz has been invited to her friend, Jack's, 3rd birthday party Sunday afternoon! Her first "non-family-member" party! We are super excited about this and, if I'm smart enough to remember my camera, will post LOTS of pictures early next week.




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